To be customer-centric and customer-focused and process-oriented. HVL Pest Control Services is India’s leading and qualitative solution providers. We add value to customers by providing authentic, safe and credible pest control solutions.


HVL pest Services uses products and systems in our pest control services which are very safe for both the customers and also the HVL operator who is rendering the services.

Approved Products

We use Central Insecticide Board Approved, WHO Approved products in our services which are Environmental Friendly, Human Safe and Even Pet Safe in domestic segments

Latest and Safe Technologies

We do not use old methods Oil based techniques wherein you need to close the premises, lock the premises, air should not enter, wash the entire place etc. We use the latest and safe technologies wherein after our treatment your place is immediately ready for your normal usage.

Treatment by Spraying

We do also provide Pet residing place / kennels tick killing treatment by spraying and it is absolutely pet safe on drying of the place.

HACCP Approved Products

We uses HACCP approved products in food manufacturing and other sensitive environment locations services.

We offer services all over India. Check our locations.